Monday, March 18, 2013

Stop and Start: 6 Ways For Churches To Rethink Evangelism

1) Stop hoping that a few signs around town, or an ad in the newspaper, or a snappy-looking website, or a banner saying "All Are Welcome!" is going to attract a lot of people.

Start telling people how much you love your church, why you are so excited about what God is doing there, and how much you would love them to be a part of it.

2) Stop telling young adults, "you ought to be in church." Most have no such feeling of obligation, so trying to appeal to one is not going to work.

Start talking to young adults about their spirituality and where they see God in their lives. Help them connect that to the life of the church.

3) Stop looking at other churches who are growing and thinking that the exact same programs and methods will work in your church.

Start emulating the spiritual habits of churches that are growing and the ways they have opened themselves to the Holy Spirit - which will bring growth, but may or may not lead to similar programs.

4) Stop spending your time and energy trying to maintain programs that nobody seems to have much enthusiasm for.

Start focusing resources on the places where the Spirit is moving and the people are inspired.

5) Stop measuring growth by the number of names on the membership rolls, or the number of people attending worship, or the number of dollars added to the budget.

Start measuring growth by celebrating the ways members are growing in their walk with Christ, and in the ways the church is witnessing to Christ's love in the world.

6) Stop thinking of the task of evangelism as "saving souls for Christ."

Start thinking of it as the task of sharing the good news about Christ and breaking down barriers that keep people from hearing it.

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